Dear Friend,

Thank you for visiting my website. My name is Deacon Kevin Carges and I am a Deacon with the Catholic Diocese of Rochester, New York.

Along with others, I created Deacon Kevin’s Circle of Friends with two goals in mind. First,  to raise funds to serve those in need in the Developing World and second, to increase awareness of their living conditions.

In 2010 I founded a group called Eight 4 World Hope which is a grassroots, faith-based volunteer organization. The name stems from the seven founding members and the symbolic presence of Jesus who guides our efforts as we serve Him. Since the founding of this group Jesus has guided me to many people in need with specific issues. While I cannot help everyone, I do take on special situations and with the help of God and my Circle of Friends, we do our best to help. I have been continually amazed at God’s graces to open doors and help me find a way to serve those in need. I remain simply a servant doing His work and I am most blessed by this as it brings me happiness beyond words.

I invite you to join my Circle of Friends and be part of God’s work in this world. There is much work to do but together we can accomplish great things, things beyond our imagination as we are led forward by Jesus ministering as he showed us how, through love.



Dcn. Kevin



“This was God's work. I just trusted in Him to show me how.”




Eight 4 World Hope’s mission is to give hope to the voiceless, one community at a time, by providing a safe, stable, learning environment that fosters long-term opportunity for individuals and families.



About 15 percent of Jamaican children live in crippling poverty.  More than 60 percent of 9 to 17 year-olds report that they had a family member who has been killed.


Dave and Mary Brown were married in 2010, the second marriage for each.  Shortly afterwards, Dave’s two sons, Alec and Colin, were diagnosed with a rare disease.



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