Meet Marileidi

This is Marileidi, she lives in the Dominican Republic. She was born blind and the doctors there believe she has optic nerve damage.    Marileidi has been seen by three doctors and it has been determined that surgery is not an option. There is hope however as we discovered her optic nerve was damaged by lack of oxygen during birth. The doctors believe that through nutrition, various supplements and rehab of the eyes that we may be able to help her regain her vision. We have donated $1,100 thus far towards these efforts and we are excited that the prognosis looks positive.




The History of Elias Santana Hospital


25 Years of Missionary Services


The original mission was founded by Mr. John Shannon and Dr. William T. Hunter, Jr. in the 1970s, he devoted himself to doctors and dentists receive US and Canada who visited the mission for projects that usually lasted one week. Soon the great need of the poor patients receive visual attention as their economic status prohibited them from buying a pair of glasses or cover the costs of cataract surgery or pterygium was identified. Projects for the view became increasingly necessary and whenever a community visited the country, ranks with thousands of people trying lenses or drops to cure their eye diseases were formed. Read More



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